carbon seal

  1. BliviTheLynx

    Doing carbon seal on challenger 180

    Hey guys. New to seadoo boats and jet boats. I plan on doing my carbon seal in a week or so. I have a 2006 180 215hp with 95 hours and have a bit of cavitation on the hole shot. New wear ring and impeller. I’m decently mechanically inclined when it comes to cars so I’m comfortable doing this on...
  2. G

    2018 GTX 155 - is this worn carbon ring/seal?

    bought a used 2018 GTX 155 with 75 hours and paint is flaking off on the engine valve cover and back of the engine where the drive shaft attaches to. Called one of the repair shops and he mentioned it is because the carbon seal is bad and it is spraying water onto the engine. It will cost...
  3. S

    Could I have wrong carbon seal ring? Doesn't seem to fit axle.

    08 C180 215 Finishing rebuild on a project boat that could, maybe, see water pretty soon. Ordered Carbon Seal rebuild kit from SBT. Here's the link. ShopSBT - Driveline Rebuild Kit Ordered part code 77-112, and the package I received was marked 77-112. Attempting to install & the carbon seal...
  4. O

    2017 GTRX 230 Driveshaft Play

    Ski took on a bunch of water the other day. Wasn't after a hard hit and didn't hit anything in the water either. Was turning at 40. Thankfully before it went full Titanic, I was able to beach it. Ended up getting it pumped and towed. Looked like carbon seal failure as the telltale line is on the...
  5. T

    Fish Pro Carbon Seal

    Pics from a 2021 Fish Pro with 10 hours. Some slight staining of hull. Should I be concerned? Just bought have not had it on the water.
  6. PolarCelsius

    Carbon ring seal replacement and half moon clip NOT FITTING?

    Replaced the carbon ring along with the bellow, steel ring, and new half moon clip The half moon won't recede into the steel ring? No matter how hard I try it won't go inside The two pieces came together in a kit, I would think they would fit each other I'm almost certain it's not supposed to...
  7. Sydney118

    Carbon seal to tight?

    I have a 2013 gtr 215 that just got the carbon seal replaced it seems to be pressed to hard against the driveshaft support ring, on first fire up carbon ring I believe started smoking and was extremely hot. How would I adjust tension on ring (the driveshaft support collar is boiling hot when...
  8. bakersboas

    Driveshaft bearing seal help

    Recently I was in the process of changing my carbon ring on my 2010 Seadoo Speedster 150 (155 hp). When I was pulling out the drive shaft the ball bearing oil seal fell out. Now it is under the engine and I can't find it. Like an idiot I took off the oetiker clamp as well. The other end is still...
  9. M

    2003 rxdi cavitating

    I'm pretty sure its the carbon seal causing this, I think the baffle is no longer providing enough pressure. If I touch the thing while its in the water it starts leaking. My question is: when running, it looks like it has a wobble to it... is the shaft bent, or is this normal? #2 I'm not a...
  10. stfoulks

    98 Sportster 1800 - Replacing Carbon Ring, Any Advice?

    I have cavitation problems in my starboard 717. After a lot of reading, I know that the 2 most likely culprits are the wear ring and the carbon ring, in my case the carbon ring seems more likely. A couple of questions for the more experienced folks would help me do this properly... Do I...