1. G

    Buzzer staying on

    I have a 2007 rxp and lately at the end of the day the buzzer will just come on and won't stop until I pull the lanyard and will continue for another 20 seconds after. If I bring the lanyard to the dess post not even plugging it in and computer wakes up is will continue to make a solid tone...
  2. M

    2007 GTI SE 155 buzzer replaced - works, but constant low buzzing tone

    I replaced a dead buzzer with a new Floyd Bell XC-09-330-Q. It works, sounds double beep upon DESS key on but buzzes a constant low level whine whether the engine is running or not. A Mallory Sonalert beeper also had this same tone when tried for troubleshooting only.
  3. deepdiver

    High Temp Buzzer

    I have checked several other suggestions in the forum for a replacement buzzer. Seems the choice was an original at $50 or a Radio Shack unit from Taiwan for $10 which didn't fit properly and in some cases has been unreliable. Upon researching my unit I found the name Floyd Bell with an SP...