break in 10 hour

  1. accardi2665

    Ignored break in period

    Hey there everybody! I ignored the suggested break in period, excitement got the best of me:willy_nilly:, when I bought my '15 GTI 155 Limited. Put 30 hours on it through the summer with it running great. My question: Is there anything I should be paying extra attention to with not breaking...
  2. S

    2012 Sea Doo GTI 130 SE Questions

    I am new to owning a jet ski and I am about to purchase a Brand New 2012 Sea-Doo GTI SE. I am curious about the 10 hour break in period. I know you are not supposed to go above 3/4 throttle. But is there a certain RPM that shouldn't be crossed. I heard of BRP canceling your Warranty if they see...