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    98 xp ltd Blown exhaust hose help

    I went out on the lake yesterday and the ski ran great for the first 30 mins, until i noticed the top end was gone and started smoking from inside. Opened it up and had blown a hole in the front exhaust hose from the stinger to the straight pipe. I am trying to figure out why it did this so I...
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    Need a Stator

    I am looking for a stator for a 97 Seadoo GTS with a 717 engine... That stator I have is bad and keeps blowing my 15amp fuse and I have had the stator tested and it is bad so I need a replacement... Please PM me is you have one or know where I can get one... You may also E-mail me at...
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    2001 XP (# 951CARB) Possible Thrown Rod Bearing, maybe oil pump

    2001 XP (# 951CARB) Possible Thrown Rod Bearing:confused: 2002 GTX Bombardier 4-TEC 2001 XP (951) carb Hi fellow water-sport enthusiasts! My friend and I went out to Parker, AZ, a few weeks ago to the Colorado river…we live in the “OC” (Orange County, Ca., not Florida) so it’s about a...
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    1998 Seadoo Sportster w blown engine

    I have a 1998 Seadoo Sportster 1800 with Twin Rotax engines. One of the engines is in need of rebuild. My question is can I run the boat with only 1 engine until i get the funds to rebuild the bad motor? I removed the bad engine so that is already out of the engine compartment. Also what if any...