blown fuses

  1. V

    Help! Engine wont start

    Hey guys, Im brand new to the forum, but hopefully you can help me out! I went to start my 2001 RX DI today and it will not start. I plug my key in, and you can hear the pump start and the console works but showing maintenence light, but when i go to start it, nothing happens. Last weekend I...
  2. dothadoo

    Sportster electrical issues

    I have a 2003 sportster 4tec 155hp. I have an issue with blowing fuses. All three of my switches to the right of the steering wheel do not work. Right now the one that constantly blows the fuses is the switch on the far right. Not 100% sure what it is supposed to be for as it is not labeled...
  3. B

    Why Do My Fuses Keep Blowing

    I have just bought two 1998 seadoo bombardier xp limited's and the one starts up and runs fine and on the other the fuses in it keep blowing. i just replaced them this morning and tried to start the engine and the fuses blew again. the one fuse is a 15 amp and the other is a 3 amp. i don't...