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  1. Barnsnelbon

    oil injection vs pre mix

    Hi so i have a 95 xp, i want to do something with the oil injection pump because iv read on here they are not reliable. Should i replace it with a new pump or should i just get a block off kit and run premix? also how hard is it the replace it or do the block off kit? what are the pros and cons...
  2. WaveShredder9110

    Another oily question " Premixing 787 97 Challenger" Mineral and Synthetic " ???

    I know , another premix question , But I removed my oil pump and went with the block-off kit. I know the pros and cons to it. My question is if I run Seadoo X-PS full synthetic premixed in my gas , can I run the "Normal non-synthetic mineral oil to the rotary valve oil bath without issues...
  3. A

    oil block off 96gsx 787

    how do I block off the oil on my 787? do i need a kit ?