1. anthonymsaad

    Challenger 210 SE Sound system/Amplifier causing issues with ECMs

    For those that recall many months ago, I had the boat with an ECM that wouldn't power down and kept resetting the odometer to the last saved value. This post is long, I'm sorry. Just really confused as to what is going on. Apparently no one at BRP, among their experts, ever saw an ECM unable to...
  2. L

    2011 Challenger 180SE Polk 10" Sub Installation

    Just finished up installing my new Polk MM 10" Subwoofer and thought I'd share some pics. The speaker is installed in the passenger seat kick-panel and the amp is installed behind the glovebox. - I drew a template of the hole size - cut the fiberglass - then made the exact same hole in a...
  3. N

    Alternative 2nd Stereo Battery Solution?

    I have a 98 speedster without a factory stereo. After 2 seasons without tunes, I’ve finally decided to drop in something. I’m planning on dropping in a head unit, 4x6.5's, and a couple of 10” subs with an amp. Instead of wiring everything to the main battery, or adding a full size second...
  4. 9

    15amp Fuse Blown

    I have a 97 seadoo gts with a 717 engine and the last time I went out the engine would only turn over one or twice and then nothing... No beeps giving me a warning that something was wrong... so I figured it was a battery issue and plug it up to my truck and it still wouldn't start... so I did a...
  5. L

    Seadoo Fuse Blowing

    Sorry I posted this in the wrong forum... Can a Mod please close this topic.