air filter


    Single chirp? And a few more questions... "chirp" "lean" "air filter" "challenger 180"

    Seadoo challenger 180 2008 When I put there's dess key in I get a single chirp and the start stop does nothing. Remove and reattach the key a few times, it works. Not a long beep but a single one chirp. I recently changed my starter solenoid because it was failing just in case this comes up...
  2. L

    Do i have an air filter?

    We are new to PWC'S, my wife turned ours over (2003 seadoo951 RX) at the lake last week, being new I did not know you have to flip it over counterclockwise, so of course we flipped it the wrong way, as soon as we got it home I pulled plugs and blew out water. It will start but not idle, is there...
  3. doberdann1019

    2 Throttle Cables?

    I just bought a 1997 Seadoo XP (my first jet ski) and I have been snooping around trying to figure everything out. I see that there looks to be a spare/extra throttle cable. It may not be a throttle cable, but looks like one and travels up to the steering column. It is looped around and zip tied...