98 seadoo speedster

  1. Zack1230

    Need help with my 98 seadoo speedster

    Ok I’m new to the Forum but I’ve had some pretty bad luck with a 98 seadoo speedster I bought it back in January and didn’t know it was going to be impossible to find a two stroke mechanic in Jersey all it is is two jet ski engines but I found a guy in Long Island you had the boat for a month...
  2. S

    98 speedster ground wire?

    I am having trouble getting my right engine to fire up, so I did some digging and found a black wire from the harness about 2 feet long not connected to anything.. There are already 2 blacks on my battery and one red.. Any ideas where it goes and if it may be my problem? When it fires up...
  3. mtrainer

    98 speedster spins

  4. BlueWaterDepot

    New guy from Murrells Inlet, SC!!

    Found this site while looking for some info for some projects me a nd my cousin are going to tackle on a '98 SeaDoo Speedster. We plan on a tower, new upholstery, and stereo. While the upholstery is being done we are installing a new stereo and have a few questions. I'll start a new thread in...