97 challenger

  1. D

    97 Challenger 1800 Ignition to 1 engine

    Recently purchased my boat and brought it on a week's vacation. Learning the hard way that these boats can't be jump started without major problems afterward. Upon getting the boat in the water, there was enough battery to start the starboard engine but the battery died while attempting to start...
  2. Tudorc

    97 Challenger Slow to Plane - and Warm Start Issues

    Hi - my 97 Challenger is taking forever (15-25 seconds) to get onto a plane but eventually gets up to 37mph at full throttle and 7000 rpms. With two adults on the boat in the rear seats, it won't get onto a plane at all until one adult shifts forward. If I give it full throttle while it is...
  3. moto17

    97 challenger carb mod

    I am going to put new carbs on my 97 challenger ,It has one 787 that I rebuilt and this year I hope to freshen it up even more.I would love to know any ones thoughts on either going with the stock Mikuni 40mm super BN carbs or setting it up with Hi Performance Super BNs that are 44mm . Would...
  4. J

    no spark

    hey guys i just got a 97 challenger that needs a coil. had it tested today and it was grounding out should have a new one by friday. but when i crank it over oil pours out of the back cylinder. is there any way to clear this out? like a drain bolt like some of the snowmoblies have? im new to...