96 gti

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    Impeller spins free until I try to but back on boat.

    OK I looked at the forums and did not find anything talking about this particular issue. I have a 96 seadoo GTI and have replaced the wear ring. I was lucky and did not have to remove the impeller to do so. The impeller and shaft turn free and has clearance in the new wear ring. When I attach...
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    96 GTI 5866 MODS Were To Start?

    Hello All, I have been riding my sea-doo for several years now with great satisfaction, but I have always wanted to do some MODS. For the last few years I have been way to busy to really mess with it, but now I have decided I can't wait any longer. I have ridden a few Jet ski's that just...
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    96 GTI revs but no power

    After i took my 96 GTI off a 3 foot wave it began to run like sh**. If you punch full throttle at a dead stop you hear the engine revving(slightly higher pitched revving then normal) but there is little to no propulsion. If you let off a little, it will pick up and go and you can "baby" it into...