1. burtshaver2021

    New to me 95 XP pre driving checklist

    Hi, I just bought a 95 XP. The previous owner had said the top end was blown. It starts right up instantly when you press the start button. He did say also that it sputters at higher rpms which I think may have made him think the top end was blown unless someone else told him this. Anyways I...
  2. CreekerMike

    Mystery Sponsons

    Greetings All, I picked up a parts ski a few weeks ago (95 XP) It had some sponsons on it wich I decided to install on my factory pipe build. None of the parts were marked with a brand or part number. I've done some Google searches but I can't seem to find out what brand they are. Any input is...
  3. CreekerMike

    95 XP intermittent fuel gauge

    Greetings and salutations to all. Took my 95 XP 720 out this weekend on the river. Fueled up before hand and my gauge was functioning flawlessly. After about 30 minutes my fuel bars disappeared and the light came on. (I figured the baffle took a crap) Fast forward to this morning and I did some...
  4. tx95xp

    Vts help !

    I have a 95 xp , the problem i have is the trim will only go down i can cross the wires at the motor and it will go up by pushing the down button.. Up button does nothing . Also the trim guage does not work it stays down .. Apreciate any help ,,thanks