951 di

  1. S

    01 seadoo 951 di,no start,no crank

    Hi everyone,this is my first time reaching out for help online,I’m mechanically inclined but this on has me stumped, I have a 2001 seadoo gtx 951 di.it was working fine for a good days ride then after a day of sitting it wouldn’t start,I’m getting the two beeps when putting tether cord on,dash...
  2. C

    RXDI 2002 starting problems and dies when ideling

    Hey Guys. I'm new here and also a newb regarding 2-strokers. Just baught me a Sea-doo RXDI 2002 with only 65h and previously owned by my friend. So driving vice it has been handled gently. It has been on land for 4 years when I took it home a week ago and changed the battery and it started up...
  3. Armysinger

    Hello ALL. SEA DOO EXPLORER Motor Upgrade

    Hello All, I am hoping I can get some quality advice on what to do with my Sea Doo Explorer. I have a 2002 Sea Doo Explorer with a worn out 717. Has lower compression (120's ) and needs a refreshing. I'd rather put the $700 - $800 towards a larger motor to get more power. Loaded down, it...
  4. L

    2001 Seadoo GTX 951 DI water leak after complete rebuild

    Hey guys, so last summer I purchased a 2001 GTX DI and it has been nothing but a headache since. I have owned a few skis prior but never had to do a complete rebuild on one. I am fairly mechanically inclined so when I purchased this ski in need of a rebuild I didn't think much of it, until I did...
  5. M

    LRV or SUV advise.

    I am considering the purchase of a four seater PWC to pull my kids around. Please rank the following units based on your experience and feel free to explain. Seadoo LRV with: 951 Carb. over 125 Hours 951 Carb. rebuilt approx. 25 Hours 951 DI under 100 Hours 951 DI over 100 Hours 951 DI...
  6. G

    951 di bottom end noise with jugs removed

    Hi All you motor heads:) Situation: I have a 951 DI that blew up the front cylinder (pit marks in the cylinder head, piston top, and cylinder walls. I pulled the block and cylinders to ship out the top end for re-bore and pistons. Question: 1) Should I hear a clicking noise when I...
  7. N

    2000 RXDI Rave Valve not cycling on shutdown

    Hello, So I just installed a rebuilt engine in my 2000 rxdi. I started the engine up and everything sounded great. When I shut the ski off I noticed that I didn't hear the rave valves cycling like I did before. I tried it again and the rave solenoid isn't activating. I hooked the candoo...