95 gtx

  1. James_bond12

    fuel tank recall

    Hello everyone I know this is similar to other threads but, I am going through the dealership games to replace the fuel tank on my 96 XP. It still qualified under the recall according to BRP (I also have it in writing if the dealer questions it). I also have a 95 GTX that looking around the...
  2. R

    95 GTX high end issue

    Ok so here's the problem. my 95 GTX will get to about 40mph and just shut down. it doesn't matter how i get there either i can slowly climb up to speed or hammer the throttle right out of the whole. as soon as i get there it just quits. at first i thought maybe it was a fuel/air issue so i...
  3. G

    95 GTX only goes about 10 mph

    Hi all, This is my first post, so please be gentle. Model: '95 GTX Issue: slowly accelerates to about 10 MPH. Starts easy and idles great. Work done: I have cleaned the carbs, the small filters in the carbs, the one in the line, replaced the gas lines, cleaned the fuel selector...