94 xp

  1. D

    94 seadoo xp not getting fuel

    I just bought a 94 xp that has been sitting for a few years and will no longer start. I removed the fuel tank, cleaned it out, and put in new fuel. I replaced all the gray fuel lines and a few cracked oil lines. I rebuilt the carburetors and made sure the spark plugs were firing. The engine is...
  2. S

    worn impeller splines

    So i recently rebuilt the top end of my 94 seadoo xp and just finished breaking it in. After tuning the carb I noticed the ski would not move and the was making a terrible noise.I instantly jumped off the boat and swam it back to shore. I took my jet pump and drive shaft out to realize my...
  3. PirateDude

    Fuel Leak--94 XP

    During this time of year we are having fairly wide temperature swings. When it has been cold then we warm up to 75+ fuel starts to fill the bottom of the hull and drip out the butt plug. I first thought that the fuel was leaking from the carbs BUT the fuel switch is off so it shouldn't be...