800 engine

  1. erica0718

    Seadoo 800 Rotax Engine

    Hi there, I hope you all are doing well. I have one Seadoo XP limited with an 800 Bombardier ROTAX engine. Please see the pictures below. Does anyone have experience and know where the oil change hole for this engine is? I would also like to know what this plastic bucket is used for? What...
  2. A

    1997 seadoo gtx getting too much oil in one cylinder

    I have a 1997 seadoo GTX with a 787 motor getting too much oil in one cylinder. It starts once but sounds rough and smokes a LOT. The second time it turns but does not start. After pulling the plugs, one is soaked in oil. Any help on how to fix this is appreciated.
  3. I

    96 seadoo xp 800 cylinder replacement?

    So there is a man on Craigslist who is selling a 96 xp 800 with a "burnt down cylinder" and he said it would be a fast fix. He is selling for 600. Would it be a hard or stupid risk? I'm very new to problems of this caliber so please, work with me. If anyone could explain it to me in depth for...
  4. J

    Just picked up an X4!

    Just picked up an X4! 1997 SPX Hey everyone, new guy here to the forum. (I chose to write my intro here in the 2 strokers area because I figured more people here would see it/care/identify with me). So last week I picked up my first Seadoo. A 94 SPX that ran great on the trailer. Well I...
  5. P

    Wtb: Factory pipe exhaust for seadoo challenger with a 800 engine

    Looking for a factory pipe for a seadoo challenger with a 800 engine. I'm in NJ if anyone nearby has one. Thanks