787 power

  1. Reardon41

    787 hesitation...?

    Hey guys so ive had this problem all last summer and still having it and im hoping someone has a solution. So my 97 gsx has like a hesitation when you pull the throttle in all the way. For example if i take a sharp turn and mash the throttle it will only go to about to 4800-5000 rpms and if i...
  2. Michael Haveman

    787 RFI drinking oil.

    I had my seadoo 3d 787 RFI out last weekend and it filled up with water, engine included. I pulled the plugs and blew out the water. I got it running again but now the oil is pumping in like crazy with white smoke coming out heavy from the exhaust. Am I in to replace the whole oil pump or could...
  3. dcjar

    787 Can't hold Top Speed

    Just picked up a 97 SPX. I am now the third owner Great hull, a ton of fun, however I am having issues at wide open throttle. It bounces of the revs, like it is hitting a rev limiter. It starts alright, with a bit of priming, and it runs mid range beautifully. Has no problems at low revs at...