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  1. S

    96 SPX no start

    Just picked up a 96 spx with the 717 rotax engine, I am trying to figure out if the motor is locked up. Where can I crank by hand to check? Spark plug was very corroded. Would only get a single beep when pressing the start button. Pulled the starter out and tested it, works fine Any help is...
  2. Kwik_uk

    RESTO Unforeseen FULL resto on a 99 GTI. Picture heavy!

    TL;DR I bought a crappy GTI, now it is not a crappy GTI. So, a 1999 GTI pops up on eBay. My dad calls me about it and says it would be a fun way to get my other half into watersports, as shes a bit scared of driving my Sidewinder. Went to see the item, listed as "Works fine, just has a high...
  3. H

    1996 720GS turns over consistently

    Hello, Im new to this forum but I will try and do the best I can to describe my problem. I have a 1996 Seadoo 720GS that has just recently gotten back from getting everything fixed at a local mechanic shop. The guy who was doing the work has had a shop for the past 20 years and had good reviews...
  4. C

    Will this engine fit my 99' speedster sk?

    Hello, I just wanted to check if this engine will fit my 720 series 99' speedster sk before I bid on it on Ebay.. can anyone confirm for me...