5amp blown fuse

  1. joe.burns91

    GTX RFI troubleshooting sunken ski

    Hello everyone, New to the forum and I've been diagnosing some issues on my 2001 GTX RFI so I thought I would share. Bought the jet ski and it was running a little rough and fouling plugs so I cleaned the RAVE valves and it was running like a dream. Before taking it down to my house on the...
  2. BigFord

    2002 Speedster Lt blowing 5amp Fuse on MPEM TWIN ROTAX

    How are you guys, I'm desperate need of a service manual for 2002 Speedster Lt, and need the location of the MR2535 diode on MPEM, just bought the boat as a progect, having a hard time finding info on the MPEM the boat has twin Rotax engines,
  3. S

    1996 seadoo speedster mpem fix.

    I had a bad mpem, it kept blowing the 5amp fuse, i attained a complete wiring diagram and can make it available, all that i need to convert the system was 2bombardier electric start key switches (solenoid position), 2 tether kill switches, 3 inline fuse blocks, ring wire connectors, female tab...