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  1. Carboncow

    2007 180C 215HP (125hrs): Oil Pressure light and P1520, limp home...advice...

    OK, a bit scared on this one but after checking engine I saw I was not dumping oil into any visible area. Dipstick is wet too. Got the boat back to port via slow limp mode as I was afraid to shut off engine and restart. Back at port engine restarted, code cleared and took her for a spin...
  2. F

    Glove compartment spring placement - 2003 GTX

    Can anyone tell me how to install the spring on the glove box latch. Mine broke and I brought a new one but can't figure out how to place the spring onto the holding bar... Anywhere on the net shows a picture of it? Any help would greatly be appreciated :thumbsup: Thank you in advance!
  3. govprof

    2010 RXT-X Smart Key/Ignition Post

    My 36 hour 2010 RXT-X frequently beeps once instead of twice when the key is placed on the ignition post and the ski "wakes-up". When this happens, the guages "wake-up" but nothing happens when the start button is pressed. Remove the smart key and re-install and it may or may not beep twice...