2000 gtx

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    Maintenance Light

    How do I shut off 100 hr maint. light, on my 2000 GTX?
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    2000 GTX Runs EXCELLENT on trailer, bogs down with throttle in water and dies

    Need some help with 2 SeaDoo GTX. I have had all fuel lines, fuel filters, oil tanks replaced, carbs rebuilt. They are running GREAT on the trailer, they idle and throttle up well. Once in the water, if you give them throttle, they die out. Does anyone have any ideas?
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    2000 GTX w/a 951 worth saving? HELP!

    Hey guys, I recently bought my first ski (two weeks ago) from a cycle dealer in so. fl. I'm sure it was as is... I'll have to look at the paperwork:-/ Anyway they told me the compression was good (140/135) and the ski would run with carb clean sprayed and there was an oil leak. Probaby just...