1997 seadoo gti

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    97 Seadoo GTI Problems!

    I have a 97 Seadoo GTI with 2 problems! 1st one is the Seadoo is taking on water only when parked and left overnight. The plugs are in tight and I can’t see any water leaking in. I was told to put a new seal on the rock plate but can’t find the seals or name of them anywhere. 2nd problem is it...
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    1997 Seadoo GTI Gas and oil found in hull.

    I have a strange problem that just started with my seadoo. I went for a ride this last week and when I got home I flushed the motor and washed the boat before I put it up in the garage. I left the house for 6 hrs and when I got home i could smell gas. Inside the ski I found gas and oil in the...