1997 gti

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    97 GTI shuts off sometimes?

    Last fall my Ski stripped the threads off my pto shaft looking further into the skis condition the jet pump lost its cone and seized up, tore the motor down and the pistons were chipped and the rings were for better or worse gone. TLDR jetpumps got new bearings and a wear ring, new pto shaft...
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    Have the Hin, but can't tell the model..GTI/GTS?? Don't know

    How can one tell please? Its critical as the mechanic here in Trinidad and Tobago is saying we need a new harness and when I look up what I believe the seadoo is (a GTI) It says we have the right harness and ECU...so before I rip him a new one for lying, I need to know FOR SURE, what my Seadoo...
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    supercharge a 1997 seadoo gti?

    Would it be possible to supercharge a 1997 seadoo gti? My 97 gti does about 45-50 mph right now and i would like more speed. Can i supercharge or is it impossible to supercharge a craft that old? also can you explain exactly what supercharging is and what it does to the craft?