1996 seadoo gti

  1. S

    96 GTI 3/4 - Full Throttle dying

    Earlier this year I rebuilt a 1996 gti. I replaced all the grey fuel lines with mpi marine grade fuel injection lines, completely rebuilt both carbs with parts from osdmarine, rebuilt the fuel baffle (float sensor was not floating), replaced fuel selector, replaced fuel pressure check valve, and...
  2. S

    1996 seadoo gti bogging

    Hey everyone I picked up a 1996 seadoo gti, I rebuilt the jet pump, changed plugs, battery, all of the regular maintenance so that I knew when it was done. The ski was running great until about a week ago I was on the water and it was loosing power. I figured the only thing left I didn’t do was...
  3. MATT467

    RESTO I want to convert my 1996 seadoo gti to fuel injection

    I have a 1996 seadoo GTI (has dual carbs) that is having fuel problems. I have rebuilt the carbs and replaced the fuel lines, I also bypassed the fuel selector. I plan on converting it to a fuel injected system. Has anyone done this before or know of a kit
  4. J

    *Hi new here any info will help* 96 seadoo gti

    Hi new here we have a 96 seadoo gti that just died on the water two weeks ago. We can get it to start and idle but once you hit the gas it dies. This last weekend we rebuilt the carbs but still the same?! Checked fuel lines and fuel filter. Has good compression and did a pop off pressure...