1996 seadoo gsx

  1. Dmskeen

    Seadoo won't start just a clunk!

    I just bought 2 1996 and 1997 GSX seadoos. Took them down to run them and long story short one runs perfect the other doesn't. I put one in the water and I tried to start it and all I got was a little bit of a rumble shake and then nothing so I tried it again and I just got a clunk noise but...
  2. A

    1996 Seadoo GSX blown engine? ..... HELP

    I was out testing my 1996 Seadoo XP to make sure my carb rebuild was successful on it, and my 1996 Seadoo GTX cut out. I never go out on the lake with one ski because tows are expensive. Luckily I have two skis, so that is usually not a problem. I was not riding my GSX, so I am not sure of the...
  3. J

    96 GSX starting question

    First off, THANK YOU, to everyone on this forum. The information that I have gained has been priceless! I do however have a quick question, 96 GSX, bought early summer, changed fuel lines, clean carbs and filters, new batt, new plugs. Started and ran great on trailer, took to the lake and...
  4. C

    1996 seadoo GSX- Carbourator problems

    When i give my jet ski about half throttle every now and then it will loose rpms and slow down but then speed back up. Thank you to anyone who responds it will be a big help.