1995 seadoo

  1. jason30

    1995 Speedster stored 12 years

    Looking for suggestions please - I have a 1995 SeaDoo Speedster only about 70 hours on engines from new. Boat has been stored and not running in 12 years. Always dealer serviced, stored indoors, always in freshwater. Boat last winterized by Seadoo dealer 10/2009 then sat. Engine bay seems good...
  2. Oneshia

    Help Newbee should I buy a 1995 seadoo speedster

    Hello, I'm very new to the seadoo and Pwc world. I'm trying to decide if I want to buy a 1995 - 1997 Seadoo speedster. (It's listed as 1997 but it's the purple one and with research I know it's a 1995). It is for sale for about $3000 and is in working condition. I've been told by the owner...
  3. J

    Seadoo XP problems

    I own a 1995 Seadoo XP it hasn't ran in three years, but when it did it would run fine for maybe 30 seconds then bog down and die. I'm thinking its the electrical box (MPEM) but i don't know. Anyone have any ideas?! thanks