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    1989 Bombardier, Wont start.. Read forums, went through basics and nothing.

    I picked this old doo off of craigslist with the intention to tinker and see if i could get it going again... I havent been twiddling my thumbs, i'll run you through what I've accomplished already. First and foremost I emptied the gas tank and the oil tank and refilled with new gas/oil. I...
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    oil flooded out from jet

    my 1989 sp runs super. but last fall I replaced the wear ring and impeller. when i started it on the trailer after the repairs the impeller scraped a bit at first but then it smoothed out quickly. then all of the gear oil dumped out the back! yikes...what did I do... or not do?
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    Should my 89 seadoo have two carbs or one?

    i picked up a 89 seadoo from a guy and have started working on it and i noticed that another 89 only had one carb, should this motor have two carbs, and where do i hook the water hose when i attempt to start it out of the water.
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    1989 seadoo boggs down when throttle is applied

    i have a 1989 seadoo thats been in storage for 5 years. I have changed Spark Plugs, Oil, gas and it started right up it sits idle for a few seconds and then goes straight to full throttle. then when you apply gas it almost kills the engine. doo you think its the carb or is it something wrong...