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    Fusion Stereo in Challenger 1800, antenna help

    I had to open up the existing holes. The originals were approximately 6" and the new ones were 8". Speakers came with a template, made copies of it, taped it to the side, and followed the edge with a skill-saw.
  2. Michael Dowd

    Engine Loading Up?

    Hello All, I have run across a condition the last two times I was out with my boat that I am hoping someone has also experienced it. I have a 2000 Challenger with the 210HP Mercury V6. The past two weekends we have been spent 2-3 hours per weekend out tubing with it in Long Island Sound. Many...
  3. Michael Dowd

    Trailer tire getting hot!

    Hello, Bad and/or poorly lubricated wheel bearings can also cause heat build up. If is from poor lubrication you may want to consider replacing them anyways.
  4. Michael Dowd

    registering trailer in PA with no title

    Hello, In Massachusetts I had the same issue registering my trailer and ended up having it written up as a home made trailer as well. What not as painful, registry officer told me that I needed to purchase a new trailer, and if I ever upgrade I can keep the plate!
  5. Michael Dowd

    Challenger 1800, Hydro-Turf 2-Tone Wide Groove Installed

    Just finished installing Hydro-Turf's 2-tone wide groove mats and thought that someone might be interested in seeing how it came out. Was very reluctant because I did not want black or a color that would not match the interior and eventually fade. This looks real nice and give the impression of...
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    Challenger 2000 - 2nd Battery Location?

    Will take them tonight and post them tomorrow.
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    Challenger 2000 - 2nd Battery Location?

    Hello, I have (2) Optima Blue top batteries and I mounted them next to each and did not put any additional holes in my hull. What I did is make an aluminum plate large enough to hold (2) battery bases on it, adjusted it for the best fit in the area, and then transferred the the location points...
  8. Michael Dowd

    Challenger 2000. Looking at Installing a GPS with transducer, where can I tap +12v for power?

    Yes. The spade looking connectors are what I was referring to. The relation of the fuses to the open spade connectors is close but your best way to confirm would be with a voltage meter or a power probe, test before, put in a fuse, and then verify power. Everything on the dash has a ground...
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    Challenger 2000. Looking at Installing a GPS with transducer, where can I tap +12v for power?

    Hello, In the main fuse block between the 2 rows of fuses are clips that you get power from. These are powered by the areas that the fuse blocks are blank. I have a 1800 challenger and mine had open ports. Using a voltage meter test for a dead plug, put the recommended fuse in one of the spare...
  10. Michael Dowd

    Fusion Stereo in Challenger 1800, antenna help

    Hello All, Just finished installing a Fusion Stereo System in my 2000 Challenger 1800. Modified the glove box to mount the stereo, installed (2) 8.8” speakers where the factory speakers were, (2) 6.5” speakers in the front and have a 1400 watt amplifier in the back. Am looking forward to...
  11. Michael Dowd

    Anyone replace challenger 2000 decals or know of good replacements

    If you are looking for OEM decals good luck. I also have a 2000 and have been looking for a while. Occasionally they turn up on eBay because someone has acquired some old stock. I was able to find the OEM bow and boat cover for mine by being patient and vigilant. Need to keep looking and...
  12. Michael Dowd

    2000 Challenger Turns Over but won't Start

    Thank you for your help. I metered out the components and found that the stator was blown. Will take your advise on the yellow wires also. Mike
  13. Michael Dowd

    Unknown Cable

    Hello, Can someone tell me what this cable is for. It is located behind the dash board. When you turn the ignition on the relay energizes, nothing is connected to it and there is nothing that seems to need to be. Was going to unplug it at the harness but want to make sure first. Thanks
  14. Michael Dowd

    2000 mercury 210 trigger coil

    Hunter, The ignition coil, (6) units/1 per cylinder, is P/N 339-832757A4. The switchbox assembly, (2) units, is P/N 18495A32. You can find them both on eBay searching the P/N's. The website is a good site to search for parts for these engines. Hope this helps, Mike