FOR SALE WTB 2005-2006 MPEM for rxt 215 278001724

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If anyone has one of these i would be interested in buying. I have a RXT 215 2005 model with broken MPEM and need a new working one.
Part number is 278001724.
I heard that i need the 2005 or 2006 one because T.O.P.S implementation is different in those than older ones.
Not sure since i removed potting material and maybe fixed my mpem. Not sure, but im able to read mpem now with candoopro, but having still some problems. Ill post here later on if i still need one.
why is your MPEM 278001724 and mine on my '06 RXT is 278002043? are they the same but different versions? I am in need of an MPEM also... (almost the same symptom)..