Wear Ring Replacement

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So we inherited a 2000 GTI. It had sat for a couple of years so I took it to our local mechanic and told him the issues it was having. He did some repairs to the carb and charging system and it has been running like new. This weekend we took it out and it began cavatating when you went full throttle. I figured out if you take it easy on take off, you could get it to plane out and runs fine.
So, from research it looks like I need to replace the wear ring.
My question is what parts should I order to complete this task? I plan to order the wear ring and the impeller removal tool. What other parts should I replace during this task.


The wear ring and impeller tool are the big items, but you’ll also need a new neoprene seal between the pump and the hull, a new o-ring for the pump cone, and new oil for the cone. You can use a good synthetic gear oil, the BRP pump oil, or the stuff from allots...
I wont pull it apart until tomorrow, and I'm not sure of this neoprene seal you are referencing. Looking at the parts breakdown I just don't see it. I hope to order parts in the morning and tear it down tomorrow evening after work and kid's baseball games. I do know that someone has installed a liquid gasket between the hull and the black plastic rectangle plate. Is this where the neoprene seal goes?
yes, the neoprene seal was added to the later skis, but should be added to yours as well. It’s so much easier to get the pump on and off with the seal rather than the silicone.
What condition are the leading edges of the impeller in?

There are times a wear ring needs to be replaced and other times the impeller needs a touch up. A small amount of blunt edge or curled metal on a leading edge can throw things off as well.
I don't have any experience with jet skis but to me the leading edges look good, definitely no curling or rolling. But the wear ring was destroyed!IMG_2187.jpg
The impeller itself looks pretty good to me. I’d get the wear ring swapped out and go send it. It’ll be like a whole new ski!
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