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Hey there. Was cruising river tonight went over a pretty good wave from a wake surfer doing about 25 and accelerating thru like normal, didn’t feel like a hard landing, about 30-60 seconds later my starboard oil light/alarm goes off. I immediately turn it off and move over to side of river. First check is oil. Oil is fill and looks like new, it’s only month and half old. Check of coolant and all looks good. Don’t see anything out of place in engine bay. Fire engine back up and it starts fine but super rough. Not like something stuck in impeller shake, just rough. Port engine is super smooth. Shutout and wait then repeat fluid checks. Also checked as best I could to see if mounts have shifted and don’t look like they did. Also nothing leaking in engine bay when running either. Decide to try to get back to marina. Start off slow with both goes without any warnings. So I push a little. RPMs jump up faster on port(not the one having issues) than the starboard. And seems really sluggish as if I’m dragging something. Get up on plane for about a minute and alarm again. Repeated steps and no change can’t see anything. Limped back to marina and docked for night. Gonna run out with trailer in the morning and pull. Thoughts what to check first aside from looking if something is sucked up?
What did you find out after pulling from the water? Hope you were able to resolve before the holiday weekend.

My first thought was it was still something dragging on the impeller. Since the vibration was low, perhaps something wrapped around the shaft. I picked up a wood ship once and went through a similar experience, including the oil warning alarm. Lucky for me on my trip from the dock to the ramp it resolved itself.

Curious to know what happened,
Not in the jets. Part way thru disassembly to get to the rear oil pump. Hoping and praying that’s the culprit. Needless to say haven’t been on the water since post and likely not for at least another week or more. Don’t have anyone around here that can work on the boats so it’s me. IMG_6395.JPGIMG_6396.JPG
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