Temp gauge for 240 EFI jet drive

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I have a seadoo challenger 2000 with mercury 240 EFI jet drive, the boat is working fine with the exception of a warning beep (beep..beep..beep). The only way to make it stop is to disconnect the tan/blue wire from the Port temperature sensor (pic attached). At first I thought the sensor was bad so I purchased a new one and the same thing happened again, the funny thing is it beeps sometimes as long as I turn on the key even before starting the engine in the morning with the engine still cold. When I connect it back on it starts beeping again but the boat runs fine and speed in seconds and there is no problem at all except the continuous beep than drive me crazy so end up disconnecting the wire again. Now I am afraid if the engine gets hot for any reason I will not get a warning beep ( if this wire is overheat warning), so I am thinking of installing a temperature gauge, any idea on the initial problem and about where to wire the temp gauge to.


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