Sucked up ski rope

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2003 Challenger 240EFI M2 drive.

Out tubing last week and my son was dragging me. When I fell off he was coming back to get me, floated over the rope, and you know the rest. He turned off the engine before it died and I was able to get under the boat and cut off what was hanging out. Limped back to the dock. I’m estimating 20’ wrapped around impeller. Can’t see any rope when looking up through the rear so I think it’s just wrapped around impeller.

Is there anything else I should do besides the obvious remove intake grate and cut out the rope with a razor knife?
I have unravelled rope that has wrapped itself around the driveshaft with a very long nosed needle-nose pliers without removing the intake grate.
Thanks for reply. Is there any downside to removing the grate? Looks like 2 torx and 2 10mm bolts. Does it go thru the hull and will require resealing?
Got all the rope removed - easy peasy. Was only wrapped around the driveshaft and didn’t even really go into the impeller.
Sucked up a baseball hat today. When I pulled the boat I was surprised to see the visor hanging out the grate. Lol. We were on a tidal river so figured it was seaweed.

The rest is wrapped up good so probably pulling the grate.
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