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The flush port on my 2013 gtr 215 became loose and filled with water and I towed it out but it was submerged a good bit. I took the oil out that night and fuel then let it dry with a fan for a a few days while I let marvels mystery oil sit in it. Then I tried to start it and it took a few try’s but it started up great. I took it to the water today and tried to start it and it wouldn’t turn over and saying “limp home mode” with the check engine light?
Just curious where did you find this procedure for dealing with a submerged jet ski because it is nothing like what is printed in any Sea-Doo Operators manual I have ever read. “It was submerged a good bit” like a week, a day, an hour? Time is of the essence in the recovery process. Not sure how to advise your next move except to make sure you file a loss claim with your insurance company.
Submerged about 45 not completely and I didn’t find this process anywhere just my first thought to do
Well gosh darn, your definitely not the first operator to make that mistake. Do you have a operators manual? If not they are available on the BRP website? Essentially it tells you if it’s been submerged for more than 5 minutes and has water in the exhaust or intake manifolds it needs to go to the dealer immediately. So items in the operators manuals like checking the oil etc, BRP engineers decided that the operator is able to perform this task. When it says take it to the nearest dealer a bell should go off, because the BRP engineers now don’t believe “most” operators can handle the process. At the very least you have to be able to access a Sea-Doo Service manual and have a pretty good idea oof how things work mechanically to DIY your Sea-Doo.
If there was water in your intake and exhaust manifolds and then you started it all that water is now in your engine and by immediately or timely the operators manual is telling you that water and metal make corrosion and that’s no good for a motor.

Salt water really bad , fresh water just bad.

Now you have kind of a mess, and I will let members with more knowledge take it from here but I would say some engine work is imminent.
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