Stock 2014 Seadoo Rxp X 260 with Only 22 Hours Engine Blew Up!!!

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Hi Everyone!

I am the original owner of a 2014 Seadoo Rxp-X 260 that I love. It has only 22 hours on the clock and has never been modified and is completely stock. I purchased it new from the Havasu Powersports dealer in Oct. 2014 with a 4 yr best extended warranty. I have not used the ski much due to work and unexpected family situations etc..., but have kept it garaged, covered and maintained with fresh fuel and battery staying charged, etc.

I decided to take my 260 out June 25 of this year (2020) with my wife who now uses my other 2001 Seadoo RX DI that only has 86 hrs and is all stock. I have had zero issues with this RX DI. Anyway both Seadoos started fine when launched and we idled out to the buoy line and when I gave it a little throttle on the Rxp-X 260, it kinda bogged when coming up on plane and then died. I did not hear anything concerning coming from the engine. I tried to restart it and it fired up, but it was running rough and would die whenever I gave it throttle. My wife was behind me and said she saw a little bit of white smoke come out from behind the ski when I stopped.

I decided since I was so close to shore that I would have her tow me back to the trailer so I could try to see what was going on. No engine code lights or anything out of order was on the display. I got it back, pulled the spark plugs and was completely puzzled as to what I saw had happened. Both #1 and #3 cylinder plugs looked perfect, but the plug in #2 has silver color specs on the edge of the plug and the side electrode was smashed into the center electrode telling me something let go?

I called my original dealer where I purchased this Seadoo and he told me they were booked for a month out, but if I wanted to bring it in he would plug into the ECU to see if it would tell him what happened. I did go the next morning and the Tech named Jeff plugged into the ECU and confirmed there were NO CODES showing and it does in fact only have 22 hours on the engine. I have an appointment with him on July 24 for a complete inspection. He said he was not sure what to think as the 1st and 3rd plugs looked great, but definitely #2 something smashed the side electrode and you can see it is burning oil. The oil is clean and nothing is visible on oil filter.

I was told I would need to pay $645 to have the tech tell me what happened then another $645 plus parts to fix min... I was like, "It only has 22 hours and I just took it out for the 1st time since the warranty expired, has NO stored codes and is in perfect, and I mean perfect show room condition." I feel this should never have happened. I did call BRP and started a claim which they were very nice and understanding to the point. They advised me they weigh heavily on what the dealer says, so I am hoping they will understand my unique situation. I am a big supporter of BRP. I mentioned I have a 2001 RX DI that's been great. I also have a 2018 Can Am XRC 72 Turbo that I bought in Dec 2017 that only has 426 miles due to again family matters that is also in perfect condition. I have always thought that BRP is quality and stands behind their product, but I am baffled by this.

I am writing this to see if anyone out their knows what could have happened and could give me advice on what to do. This engine is still brand new with very few hours on it. I have owned many motorcycles, and a boat and I have never ever had anything break on me like this, surely not a motor. I do know how to maintain my things, but this is a definitely a mystery at the moment.


Steve Ewing
Lake Havasu City, AZ


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You might get more of the right eyes on this if you post in the ski section, not the boat one (even though there is a lot in common).
Try googling “what spark plugs tell you about engine problems” and go to images. I remember seeing these types of photos in my old Chilton’s manuals. Might give you some ideas. The photos you posted aren’t great; the background is in focus but the plug isn’t. Hard to tell what it looks like.

Also, you need to play with your toys more!


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