RESTO Steering

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I have a question about steering tightness.
I have a 1996 gtx. And the steering is free but has some resistance.
I am also going through 2 seadoo SP’s a 1994 and a 1996. One the steering is very loose where as the other is very tight and I say my 96 falls in the middle. What is proper steering supposed to be?
Good question! I have one doing the same. I have pulled the handle bars and used a little white grease and its a little better but was in a hurry and know there is a better way
My 95 xp was overly tight when I first bought it. Turned out the previous owner had managed to bend the little elbow that comes off the side of the cone and connects to the cable.

I bent it back to the best of my ability and it has been all good ever since.
Steering should be pretty loose. If you have to put any real force into the bars, with the machine not running, to turn the steering then you should look at the cable.
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