Sportster Le Di RPM loss with ANY left steering.


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2004 sportster Le Di. A new problem has come to light. If I apply any left pressure on the steering wheel, including the pressure needed to steer straight, I get a loss/surge down in rpm. On / off / on / off / on over and over again accompanied by a ultimate loss in speed. Any right steering / simply letting go of the steering wheel allowing the boat to drift right gives me my power back and she accelerates hard!

I have no clue where to start with this since it's based on turning.

-New plugs just to make sure it wasn't those.
-fuel pressure gauge holds steady 108ish psi with no fluctuations
-solas impeller
-solas intake grate
-delrin wear ring
-no play in pump bearings

Notes of things that I know are a problem with the boat:
-Water box rave is leaking at its bellow. Part on order.
-I drilled my set screw holes completely through the wear ring. I plan to take out the pump and fill these holes but this problem wasn't around when I installed that ring.