seadoo xpl 951 gas coming out of exhaust and engine hydro locking

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so i just finished putting a new top end in my xp and rebuilding the carbs and re jetting for my new flame arresters and water box. It seems like every time i open the gas valve when the engine is not runnning and i go to start it the engine fills up with gas and i have to take the plugs out and let it shoot out of the spark plug holes once i get the gas out it usually will start up with the fuel valve closed But i noticed that once i start it a lot of what i think is premix because it smells like gas but is black like some sort of oil is coming out of the exhaust and its not just a little bit its putting big puddles of it under the ski. could anyone suggestwjat my problem can be for any of the problems or if there related I have the ski running really rich since i just rebuilt it. i had just done a oil pump delate carb clean and rejet new top end new impeller new R&D flame aresstrs and tdr water box. Thank you
Your needle and seats are leaking and flooding the engine.
1. Did you rebuild with only Genuine Mikuni parts?
2. Did you replace the needle and seats?
3. Did you check pop-off and leak down?
I don't think i used a mikuni rebuild kit now that i realized im going to order some right know. the seats are Mikuni How do you check pop off i know i had put 2.3 needle seats with the 95 gram spring. and i have a leak down tester so ill makes sure i do one. would that be causing both of the problems? also do you recommend me to change any of my jetting i have 85 lows and 167 highs about 1 turn out on the lows and 1/4 turns out on the highs i just didn't know if thats right for the flame aressters and water box i live in the midwest about 900 feet above sea level
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I used aftermarket Mikuni parts once. They were so bad, I would call them dangerous! In this case, genuine is the only way to go!
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