Seadoo Spark Audio & other questions


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Hey y'all,

I recently bought a used 2015 Seadoo Spark 3up 90hp. Has about 90 hours on it. Seems to have been taken well care of it but always hard to tell.

There are speakers on the ski. Actually installed on the ski. Don't know much about them. There is also an on/off switch in the center console area. View the pictures. There is one on both sides.

1) Anyone see an audio setup like this before? Any recommendations on how to get it to work? No idea if its even hooked up to the battery.
2) Is the switch normal and maybe for something else? Or could it be related to the audio?
3) How many hours is it reasonable to expect out of a Spark, a 2015 Spark, if maintained properly?
4) What is the proper way to flush it? Any additional accessories I need to buy to do so properly?
5) There is a hole to the left of the center console thing. Goes down into the hull and theres wiring and stuff. Obviously things have been done to this ski before but anyways, I feel like this hole is not normal. Doesn't seem good if water got down there. I covered it up when I rode but would like to figure out a real solution to the problem. View 1st picture

And lastly
It ran great for a couple hours, especially on Touring mode.
On Sport mode it definitely picks up acceleration but it just didn't sound right a couple times. Sounded like it wanted to misfire kinda. Anyone experience anything like this? Would it make sense for it to have issues in another mode? It honestly COULD be ok and thats how it sounds on Sport. I didn't want to blow the engine as soon as I got the thing though.


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