Sea-Doo 2007 Challenger se

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I am close to buying a 2007 Challenger 230 se for 24k, but I want to know if it is best boat for me. I like the idea of no prop and it has a lot of nice extras and spaces. My boat days are spent floating and socializing and enjoying the water, but I also enjoy wakeboarding. I am not professional wakeboarding, but I enjoy it and like to try to learn to jump. Will this boat produce no wake for wakeboarding? Also, I just read they are more expensive to repair and eat through gas at an amazing rate.
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You stand correct, but it is a killer boat! I have 2008, buying mine a custom rack next year. An eye catcher ever since I have owned it, check super chargers on it is only advice!

I stand correct on which part? It's not a boat for wakeboarding or it is expensive or a gas eater? I do not go all over lake.

I go out and go wakeboarding for an hour or 3
maybe tube
drive around stop and enjoy friends and music and swim
then go to party cove and do ______

that's the type of boater I am. I am not loaded, so a half day and need to refill would be hard. Or a boat where a novice wakeboarder says nice boat, but sux for wakeboarding would not be good.

I am looking at 250/mo for this puppy.
2008 se model navy blue

Not sure about wake board boat but they sale same boat same year with a wake model, you can also buy a wake tower for the SE model, look up the wake model to see the difference, not much at all, as far as gas, if you fly around at 6000 to 8000 rpms like I do, you will fly through gas, I am coming out of my warrenty and that is why I am going to start custumizing mine with LED lights, after market tower, sound system etc. I think all boats should be jet drive, nothing is better than never worrying about tearing of your out drive, or running over someome, I have looked at my depth many times and seeing 2 or 3, and even ---- which means below 2 at 55mph, love my boat!!! Really love the 2011 models, but my wallet does not!! Will post pics once I have her all decked out for 2011 season, she is out of water waiting on a supercharge rebuild for maintenance!! Hopefully your has it already, need it done every 100 hrs or so, so they say, I have too for waranty!!
Nice looking, just check into the super chargers issues that seadoo had on 2007-2008, hopefully yours was taken care of bu its 65hrs, boat looks just like mine, except 2008 and interior colors, your right on not knowing anyone about this boat, I have seen one on my lake, in the past 2.5 seasons, old fart purchased a 2008 lime green new for 33k beginning of this season, only saw him once though, if the guy can not prove to you about the super charger issue, talk him down another 1000, that it what it costs to rebuild them. FYI, this is the wake tower I plan to put on, looks just like the 2011 seadoo towers, but is after market, just have to beef up the support areas,

LED lights

People still comment on my boat all the time, can not believe it is a 23.5 jet boat, and how killer the the boat looks on the water!! You can spot one from a distance due to the unique lines that it carries!!
Just noticed you have the auto window option from the pic, mine are stationary, now that is something I wish I had!!!

I like that tower. Going to have cans? I will prolly go with a monster tower, which is less than 2k they say. I'd love one that had the canopy built in.

So, please tell me this issue I need to ask them about.
This tower comes with all kinds of package deals, look into it, tower itself on ebay is 1400, i am waiting to slow season to talk them down on a package deal I have in mind,

research super charger washer on here to read up on it, basically you need a upgraded washer on both super chargers before it falls apart and trashed you engine, mine failed on one motor in early 2009 but was covered under warranty, other engine is fine, if the engine does not go above 6000rpm then you have issues, hopefully they will let you run it at full throttle for a minute or two, should see about 56-58 mph at 7800 8000rpm, but if you see 6000ish rpm with 38-40 mph, cut it off, it has issues.
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