Recommend me a marine sealant / adhesive for intake grate!

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Ok thanks.
I’m trying to source all the different kinds of loctite products and sealants they use.
The list is extensive.
What brand you using?
Seadoo used Permatex Ultra Black RTV on the pumps so it should work on the intake grate also but any RTV should be fine.
If you really want the exact stuff here you go. Or, I just use clear rtv or clear silicone caulk like tub and tile from home depot. It's not fancy. I just always stuck with the clear so it doesn't look like you just used whatever you had laying around. I've seen guys use the blue stuff and just shake my head. Yes it works, just looks well, umm, less than desired.

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It shows you put it in the pads against the hull. It's too fill voids so water can't get to the screws and also so water doesn't squeeze thru and create turbulence/sir bubbles and cause cavitation. If you look at my 95xp800 build you'll see that I even silicone the seams where the ride plate meets the pump tunnel. Less areas for water to be disturbed less chance of cavitation.
If you want to know, look at the microfiche, if you see a water drop that's sealant or grease, it's got a part number you can find it.
Gorilla products are also good. All-purpose and versatile sealant, making it great for household and boat repairs. Aside from rain and salt water, this waterproof sealant for boats is also excellent when it comes to resisting the UV rays of the sun. Unlike other sealants, it will not turn a sickly yellow color over time.
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