problems with 96 XP & GSX

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ok so i just purchased a 96 XP to go along with my 96 GSX they both have the same 787 engine in them. well i just bought the XP last weekend and well it ran good for about a week and is now having some sort of problem and when i give it full throttle to get out of the water it sometimes bogs down and shakes the entire ski. but then sometimes it jumps out of the water and accelerates to full speed but then all of a sudden seems like it has no gas and slows immediately down and runs at a slow speed. I took it to my mechanic and he said it could either be the computer or a fuel system problem. but i have no idea which. oh and on my 96 GSX my trim doesn't work but the gage does does that have to be rubilt or can i save it? thanks help is very much appreciated!!!
try cleaning out your trim motor with contact cleaner, another guy said that worked for him, I haven't tried it yet.

go with a fuel issue and do it yourself. they aren't hard to figure out and you'll save yourself a tonne of money. clean the filters, the selector, replace lines, and clean/rebuild carb
Concerning the trim on your 96 GSX, chances are that the trim motor assembly might be damaged. A quick check is to pull the cover on the VTS inside the rear of the engine compartment. Check to see if there is water intrusion.

You should also check the fuses (in the computer box). Although a fuse blowing is typically a symptom of a problem elsewhere.

The 1996 GSX I am working with has a had several floodings and the motor is totally seized. It looks like this.
thanks for the helpful info my mechanic is going to clean the entire fuel system for cheap only $60 parts included so i got away cheap i just hope this solves my issues... and for the trim i'll have to take a look at mine i haven't even had the cover off the trim motor yet so i hope its an easy fix.
If you still have the grey lines, cleaning out the fuel system will only be very temporary. The stock lines break down on the inside into a greenish goo, as soon as you run it again after cleaning it will just clog up your filters again causing you to run lean. You should have all lines replaced at the same time your fuel system is cleaned
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