Prime small oil lines - How long at idle?

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Last year I changed all of the oil lines small and large on my 97 GTI with no issues. This year I am struggling with my 95 GTX. I rebuilt the carbs, changed the fuel and oil filters and lines including the small lines.

I followed the manual and pulled the bleeder screw and let oil flow for a good minute. I am holding the pump lever open while running at idle, but the small lines are not filling with oil.

How long should it take? What is the longest I should run the motor waiting for lines to prime?

Comments appreciated
The bleed screw needs to be closed before you start the engine and try to prime the little lines.

If should take less than a minute for the lines to prime at idle with the lever held wide open.
I just did this on my xp last weekend. I did not need to run the motor but simply bumped the starter a few times and it did not start flowing. In my impatients I unscrewed the screw a little further.

It did not have an immediate result and I started working on something else then looked back at the bleed screw a few minutes later and noticed the oil was freely flowing out around the bleed screw and went to tighten it back up and had screwed it out so far that when the socket tapped the screw it fell out. This turned out to be a nightmare and made quite the oil mess.

Just a word of warning. Be patient and don't unscrew that thing too far lol.
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