New (used) boat, new member. 2001 challenger twin rotax issue PLEASE HELP!

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Hello everybody, I bought a 2001 challenger with the twin rotax engines last week. It is my first jet boat so excuse any ignorance that comes along with my lack of experience. Any help or input is appreciated. Anyways... I’ve had it out multiple times with no issues, until yesterday. I was cruising around 5500 rpm when suddenly I heard a loud noise and noticed my starboard engine dropped to 4K rpm and would not exceed.... i figured maybe Something got sucked into the impeller so I shut that engine off and managed to get to shore via port side engine.... well, upon inspection the Impeller cone, along with the metal that holds the studs for the cone screws was ripped right off of my jet pump. I’ve ordered a new jet pump, wear rings and everything that goes along with that. My question is, has anybody ever seen this happen? I know the bearing will shred if not properly greased and oiled... but the metal that holds the cone studs ripped off like this( refer to pictures) Anybody have any ideas what would of cause this?


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That’s definitely unusual. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen that before... I really can’t think of any reason that would happen beyond a catastrophic bearing failure, and that doesn’t look like it happened.
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