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My sons and I rebuilt the top end and carb (with Mikuni parts following the carb rebuild sticky) and are going through the engine break it period. The engine is running well, but I think we are on the rich side. The ski has a single BN-40i carb without an accelerator pump. It this the correct configuration? This carb is at 1-1/2 low and 2 high with a pop off of 30psi. We will start fine tuning the carb this weekend. This my first Seadoo and I am concerned about going too lean. What is a normal temp at the water exit of the head and EGT? This is a stock engine with new 82 mm WSM pistons and we are running Seadoo full synthetic in the oil injection system. I appreciate all the information sharing on this forum.
Always good to air towards the rich side.

Here's a couple good reference for carb specs and tuning
Not sure about the temp of that specific area. A quick way to make sure everything is running correctly is to grab the spark plugs after riding. If it's too hot to hold it's likely lean. You want to be able to hold the plug and feel the heat but not need to move your hand away because it's too hot.

There's a thread on this forum that tells all about reading the color of the plugs. This is the most reliable way to know your tune is on point. On a quick search I couldn't find it but I'm sure someone will chime in.

Another way to get an idea of how your carb tune is are by the way the ski acts when accelerating.
If you pull the throttle dose it sputter? or does it try to die? Sputting is rich. dying is lean.

its always good to remember that if the carb is too lean it's going to run better than it ever has before and about then the top end is going to go.

As I live at high altitudes the stock carb settings always put me a little lean. On my first ski I richened it up to the point that it sputtered then slowly brought it back down. Always planning to keep it rich for safety. After that ski I realized I can generally go about an eighth turn out further then stock setting.

however at sea level the stocks settings will be more or less right on the money as long as you properly set the carb including the pop-off.

the more you ride it the more you will get to know how it feels and will be able to tell when things are off. It's nerve wracking when it's your first ski and you have put money into, but don't over stress. Just do a little more research and soon you won't be worried anymore.
Your pop off is in range, but your needle settings are off. You should be set at one turn out on the low speed needle and 1-1/2 turn out on the high speed needle. Try those settings and see how it performs. Also keep in mind that you should be running extra oil for the break-in and that may contribute to plug fouling until you get through all the break in oil...
I am at sea level in Texas and we added the extra half turn on each needle as a safety during break in. We added oil to the first tank, but will have straight gas in this weekend and start leaning the needles.
You really shouldn’t have to play with them at all, especially at sea level. The factory settings are just about spot on 90% of the time, and if you need to stray from them, it’s indicative of another problem somewhere in the fuel system...
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