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I am stumped. I’ve been going at this RXDI for over a month now. You can look back at some of my previous post to see all that was going on. But long story short. I changed fuel pump and socks and filter. Start it up goes to .27psi on key on. Takes awhile to crank up towards 90psi to fire. It eventually catches and starts idles at 105ish psi. Shut it off all pressure bleeds off instantly. I had bought a FPR from WestSide so I knew I couldn’t return it and through that in there to see if that’s where it bled off. Still same thing looses all pressure. For shits and giggles I backed it into water tied to trailer and started it. 105-107 psi idle under load. Goose it and it didn’t cut out like before and got 7130-7160 rpm. So all seems to be fine except for it bleeding the pressure when it shuts down. It’s just putting such a drain on my battery. Where else can the pressure bleed off? My next thought is to remove the rerun line from the tank and put it in a container and crank. If fuel dumps out that could lead me to believe it’s leaking from the injector correct? Thanks for any help guys this is my last di lol
If there is could someone send a picture. I’m pretty sure everything looked good I pulled the pump out three times o check it
Should fix right to your pump


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This is a pic of a bad seal
Mine went bad careful measured 5/16th line and bleed down issue was fixed sea-doo doesn't sell this part you have to buy a whole unit
how is the o-ring condition(it sits on the threads to the pump) and did you use thread tape where the pump meets the slide?
I just installed the same pump in my di
Also check you air compressor output this could be going bad...Would explain slow pressure gain A bad reg would also cause this issue
Pull the pump and check to make sure you reinstalled the small washers on the inside bottom of the pump where the inside sock goes.
Forgot the once and has problems with fuel bleeding back and not keeping the line charged.
Have the same skis and installed an aftermarket pump. Aftermarket pumps are garbage for these skis as I have learned the hard way. OEM only and the ski runs like a top.
My GTX DI may have the same issue. My fuel system pressurizes when the pump runs but bleeds off upon shutoff. Mine is not immediate and you can hear it bleeding back into the tank over several seconds. I am focused on other issues at the moment (reinstalling the engine) but was considering adding a check valve after the pump outlet.

I am still running the OEM pump if that matters. Does anyone know where the check valve actually sits? Is it internal or in the slide seal part pictured above?
The 27PSI is significant because that is exactly what the fuel pump is told to do. Raise the level 27 PSI above the air pressure going to the rail which is 80psi. You may have a failing air pump or air pressure regulator I am working on a couple of DIs at the moment and it looks to me that the fuel pressure regulator and air pressure regulator are side by side. From what is happening I'd suspect an air pressure issue. Good Luck.
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