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Oh joy was out tearing it up on my 96 gtx yesterday came back in shut it down. Next time I went to start it two beeps and it just turned over. Pulled key and tried again , two beeps and then 4 beeps argh! Now it’s not talking to cdi. Tied her off to dock and broke out the wiring diagram and my best google-fu. Tried it again with same result, however every so often it will recognize key and turn over. Gonna pull her out of the water and start checking grounds and connectors. Any of you experienced a similar issue?
what did you find? I’m hoping it’s something simple like a ground or connection. I gues me and my multimeter will bechasing gremlins while the better half if out on my Gs having fun. Any wisdom appreciated.image.jpg224FD6A2-181D-4A08-A4E5-9F73DF7B2F34.jpeg
Ok pulled it out of the lake and checked all grounds and fuses. Disconnected and re connected all plugs throughout ski. Opened both front and rear electrical boxes and cleaned and tightened grounds and butt connectors, reconnected battery and installed key still 2 beeps and then 4. Went to front box and listened as I put key on post and the holder relay in the front electrical box didn’t trip and 4 beeps again. Tapped relay a few times and tried again relay tripped no four beeps and vroom the old girl fired up. Rode her around all day burned a tank of gas started and stopped flawlessly. At the end of the day put key on post two beeps followed by 4, so I’m pretty sure the holder relay is sticking open.
My question is, is the molded piece in the base of electrical box part of the Mpem?
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