Just picked up an '04 GTX 185 - In need of advice

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ADK Sea-Doo

Hey all, as the title states I just bought a 2004 GTX 185 supercharged. I've never had a PWC before, only a jet boat (04 Challenger). It was a family friend that was selling it and I couldn't pass it up. It has 203.3 hours and is in overall good condition. I was reading on here and it seems that the biggest thing to watch with this model is the supercharger. I'm the third owner and the previous owner has owned it since 08, and they've had the local SeaDoo dealership service it every year with the basic maintenance. However it doesn't seem like the supercharger has ever been changed. (possibly with first owner, but no service records from first owner). And it wasn't used at all last year, but it was properly winterized at SeaDoo in the fall of 2018. The previous owners really did take care of it which is the main reason I bought it from them.

So my big questions are:

1.) It'd probably be wise to rebuild the supercharger immediately? I don't plan on driving this machine hard at all. On my Challenger the boat has never seen more than 5000rpm so it'll be the same with this PWC. Is this a difficult DIY or is it easier to have someone else do it?

2.) Are there service manuals anywhere for this PWC? I'd like to go through and grease and lubricate everything that needs it.

3.) Any other tips before I get it out on the water?

Rebuild kits run about 300 ish a brand new charger is about 1100 if it's working well I'd run with it. I'm also new but have done quite a bit to my 2 '03s. Replaced both impeller, changed oil and spark plugs, and I'm waiting for a new speedo wire harness as my guages dont work which is common apparantly and either the guage needs replaced or repaired and it's not cheap but mine actually tested fine so I'm hoping the harness does the trick. So far everything is really easy to work on. One tip I have is dont ever use reverse to back away from shore, it kicks up rocks and sucks them right in the impeller and though it's easy to change costs you about 300.00.
Also I wouldn't expect much help in here. I've posted several legitimate questions on here and havent received a single reply.
Not open for further replies.