Just bought a 99' challenger 1800

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Hey everyone,

I am brand new to boating. My folks had a few over the years but I've never learned all the tricks of the trade. I have owned many different off road vehicles however, Including a couple ski doo sleds.

I just went out and bought a 99' sea doo challenger off craigslist. I bought it from an older couple who had switched to a party boat and no longer used the jet boat. it hasn't been in the water for two full seasons. Main reason being a flooding of the engine compartment. They had both of the 787 motors rebuilt which of course took some time then stored the boat away and haven't touched it in two years. They took it out to sell it this year and realized one of the engines wasn't turning over (Just clicks). So I got it pretty cheap (3500 to be exact).

I am planning on taking it to my local sea doo dealer for a full inspection and diagnostic test this week. Hopefully it is something simple like a starter or solenoid but I figured at 3500 I couldn't go wrong. It came with a nice trailer, a cover, and the rest of the boat appears to be in great condition. All electronics are working, etc.

I wasn't able to do a water test or hear the boat run for any amount of time other than a few seconds on one of the engines nor was I able to do a compression test. Which is a little worrisome but I feel better knowing it's only 3500 and could probably resell it if there were any major issues.

what do you guys think? Was this a bad idea? any tips or tricks about this boat would be appreciated as well.
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