Issues keeping boat in water for the season

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Hello All, Last season I purchased a 2007 Challenger 180. I had plans on renting a dock space this upcoming season and keeping the boat in the water for the whole time. When I went to winterize the boat right before winter I was told that it was not a good idea to keep it in the water because the plugs are not great and the boat takes on water. I just wanted to get everyones opinion.

Same boat here, similar concerns. Also algae growth is a concern. I’d love to have a lift for the peace of mind, better care for the boat, but that’s expensive.
having a good battery and keeping it topped off, a good bilge pump and tight plugs should be fine. You also have to think about taking on water from a rainstorm of your cover isn’t all that great.
Upcoming will be our 2nd full season in a slip. Fresh water up here. Would highly recommend covered as well with power. We keeps ours plugged in when away to ensure if a leak the bilge has power and ensures both batteries are charged to go play too. I also changed to a high flow bilge prior, better to be prepared and not need. I keep a pole brush for cleaning and we pulled out twice to clean and both times wasn’t bad. We use the boat a lot so didn’t sit. Didn’t have any issues from it being in water.

Have a bad back so not having to trailer as well deal with the ramp follies is well worth the costs. The downside is don’t get to run past the cheaper on land gas pumps on the way to the lake etc. overall though we used the boat more in a slip than when we trailered. Great for short little outings too, didn’t feel like had to make a day etc with the launching and retrieval.

Well worth in my opinion.


I also prefer people to board from back of boat vs climbing over the side so I built a loading deck so I can back up flush to it.
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